Clawing my way to a film festival!


Jun / 2019

Tap, tap, tap. Remember my nightmare claws? Lucid is heading to MECCAcon International Film Festival!

Beware of creepy hands covering your mouth.

With my long, long fingernails


Oct / 2018
Creepy Hand

I spent the day today as a nightmare monster. You think you can concentrate and get rid of me? What's behind that door?

Coming soon... Lucid.

No Man's Land


May / 2018

I spoke to geek girl blog No Man's Land. I discuss being a fangirl, the geekier parts of my acting career, and deciding after several years to leave the board and planning committees of a fan-oriented non-profit.

Update Jan 2019: CABC did not close. A new board was elected and I wish them success.

I'm a GIF!


Jun / 2014
Silicon Valley

Ok, I know it's really taboo as an actor to admit to working as an extra, but I enjoy making TV and movies in any capacity, and it can even be a hands-on learning experience!.

It was funny getting my friends' reactions when they saw me featured on Silicon Valley, but it was even funnier when one of them pointed out that someone put me in an animated GIF.